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Retirement Plans

When you work with Market Square Advisors you will recieve a customized retirment plan analysis designed to identify and develop the plan that works best for the business and its employees. 

Group Health Benefits

As an employer you have dealt with complexity of coverage, constantly changing benefits and premium increases on an annual basis.  While we cannot change these industry issues,  we will work with you and your team to design, review and implement a health insurance plan that balances the need for coverage for your employees with the overall cost to the business.  

Group Dental/Vision

Group Dental and Vision benefits are an important part of an employee benefits package. We will work with you to evaluate and design how best to incorporate dental and or vision into the overall benefits program.  

Group Life/Disability

Risk is a part of every activity we do.  Simply living our lives, doing our jobs, commuting to and from work comes with some degree of risk.  Many employers choose to provide group life insurance to protect their employees families should a death occur.  Additionally, providing group disablity insurance provides and income to your employees should they become disabled or unable to work.  At Market Square Advisors we are independent which allows us to work with multiple insurance carriers to find the providor or providors that fit your business and employees best.