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Who We Serve

Individuals and Families

We seek first to understand and learn your goals, aspirations and concerns.  We employ a collaborative and consultative approach to define and craft a fluid financial and investment plan tailored to you. 

Employers and Employees

Can you help me attract and retain our greatest investment, our employees?  How do you keep up with the changing health insurance environment?   Am I saving enough for retirement?  These questions are examples of the issues we confront and address for the companies we serve.  Several of our advisors assist with designing, benchmarking and building benefits programs that are designed to attract, retain and reward your greatest investment your employees.    

Business Owners

How much of your net worth is locked up in your company?  Can you extract all of that value when it comes time to sell or retire?  How do you know what the value of the company is worth to a potential buyer?  What happens if death, disability, disagreement, divorce or distress occur to a partner?

You are not alone if you cannot answer all of these questions.  According to the Exit Planning Institute study in 2013, 48% of owners in the study have done no transition planning and 79% of owners have no written transition plan.  

“As a partner and owner in Market Square Advisors, there was a time when I did not have a transition or exit plan.  Like many successful business owners, I was consumed in the daily grind of running a business and serving clients.   The busier and more consumed we become, it is easy to lose sight of the future.  When I slowed down enough to open my eyes, I realized that to operate, and grow Market Square Advisors as a firm, I had to address the questions and concerns raised on the last page.  I chose to address these issues not only for the benefit of this firm and my family but also to help the many business owners and family business’s we already serve.  I made an investment and immersed myself in attaining the Certified Exit Planning Advisor Certification through the Exit Planning Institute.  In the process, I have learned the need for exit planning is great and the consequences of having no plan or an informal plan can be devastating personally and mean millions of dollars financially.”

“My goal is to motivate business owners and family business’s to address these and many other issues.  By focusing on providing a clear direction and formalizing an exit plan I aim to help change the outcome for other business owners and their families.” 

Matt Barrette CEPA, Co-Founder, Market Square Advisors