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Financial Planning & Investment Management Process


Market Square Advisors is committed to helping you with more than simply putting your assets in order, we also give you the comfort of knowing that it all can be accessed in one place. The secure and confidential storage of legal documents and other important items allows you to have a complete picture of your financial profile. Knowing where your assets and liabilities are allocated enables us to track your finances against your goals and helps us maximize our value to you. With technology that provides you with 24/7 access to your essential financial information and documents, you will know where you stand at any given moment.


Understanding your hopes and aspirations will help guide our planning and focus our advice as we prioritize your life’s objectives. Our process is a collaborative effort that establishes an understanding of where you are now, where you want to be and the steps it will take to increase the probability of getting there. A clear picture of your goals is what gives our plan direction and helps provide a benchmark for your progress. Through proper planning techniques and tools, we can give you a better idea of what the future might hold. At Market Square Advisors, we partner with you on a journey to help you discover and work toward what is truly meaningful.


In planning for a financial future, unknowns will occur. Having a plan for the “what ifs” in life can help safeguard you from obstacles that may impede your objectives. These outside factors may be in the form of tax law changes, health and welfare concerns, or economic market volatility. At Market Square Advisors, we have the tools to illustrate how unpredictable future events could affect your ability to achieve your financial goals.


Maintaining a connection with you means more than just great service. Proactive communication means we attempt to address needs before they appear and to solve problems before they occur. To maximize our communication, we have developed our Proactive Services Menu which allows our clients to select the services most important to them. In addition, we will create a personalized Road Map that will serve as a visual guide of our entire plan throughout the years ahead. We believe our clients should have a clear understanding of our plan’s next objectives, upcoming meetings and the topics we will be discussing during those meetings.

Investment Management Process

When managing investments, Market Square Advisors believes it is essential to follow a prudent, defined and repeatable process. As a firm, we have modeled our investment committee process after the FI360 Prudent Investment Process

In 2016, upon completion of the AIF(Accredited Investment Fiduciary) designation by Market Square Advisor Jeff Macy, we refined our process to address every aspect of the Fi360 Prudent Investment Process.

The cornerstone of our investment management process is teamwork. We believe multiple opinions from our advisors and strategic partners leads to greater conviction and ultimately creates better results. The collaborative process is designed to uncover new portfolio opportunities and identify potential risks or threats to the assets we manage for our clients. By internal mandate our advisors are required to meet at least monthly to design, monitor, adjust and maintain our clients portfolio’s. It is a collaborative process that challenges our current state of mind and requires continual learning from all committee members.

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